June 20 - June 29, 2019 Burgundy, France

the Canals of France

Is it your dream? 

      Join us and other inspired women 

  this June for the trip of a lifetime.

June 20 - June 29, 2019 Burgundy, France

The Saône and the many small canals of Burgundy offer the most beautiful cruising in France.   You'll experience a rural setting, vineyards and farms with roofs that hang down over the walls and flower-filled balconies. 

Water... the flow and the reflection...


what would it be like?

... to allow yourself the luxury of being free of all of those thoughts which have you believe that retreats have to be productive? 

... to shift so as to allow yourself to just be in the midst of such beauty and fullness!

...to surrender to the natural unfolding flow of being you?

A day on the water might look like this...

Awaken to Petite Dejeuner.... espresso or tea and french pastries and bread while you soak in the glorious morning stillness that is life on the water. A larger breakfast will be available for those who wish to start the day with  some protein, fruit or yogurt.

Move into morning with a group checkin.  

We are stirred through the night, in our dreams, our awakened imaginations, and the wind and water against the hull of the boat. Life is different, and to be witnessed throughout our time together is a true gift. Our morning check in’s allow each of us to share what it’s like to be. To witness and to be witnessed is a sacred event. It can be light and joyful. It can be deep and dark. It clears the space and sets the stage for the coming day to unfold according to our desires. How much more wonderful could it be?

We'll travel slowly down river, thru locks where everyone gets a chance to tend a line and experience this age old means of transportation through medieval villages and stunning countryside.

Arrive at our lunch destination for an afternoon of exploring, perhaps a visit to a local chateau or museum or simply writing in your journal while people watching at a cafe. 

As the afternoon winds down, we cast off the lines and move on to find the perfect spot for a quiet evening sunset moored to the river bank. This is a perfect chance to meander along the river and enjoy those long shadows and beautiful golden glow of dusk.

After dinner, we will retire to a comfortable gathering place to again share from the heart and meet one another through the process of self-discovery and discussion.


Evening Check is a celebration for how we surrendered ourselves to the beauty of the day. It is a testimony to how we embraced the essence of ourselves in each moment regardless of our actions. It is a moment to bring in regrets of what perhaps wasn’t yet experienced, and intentions for what is desired for tomorrow. We share stories, laughter and perhaps tears too. It is all part of letting go of personal development.

the Canals of France are a dream come true for lovers of...



France's rivers and canals are a rich habitat for wildlife. Whether you walk, run or cycle along the flat paths lining the canals, you will enjoy the serenity of  the beautiful countryside.

Wine and Gastronomy


Cheese. Wine. Bread. 

More words are basically 


Art and Architecture


Are you a photographer or love to paint  and sketch? A charming view along the canal greets you minute after minute.

About Us

Dr. Rosie Kuhn

Dr. Rosie Kuhn is a preeminent thought leader in the field of Transformational Coaching. Her passion


Dr. Rosie is a seasoned facilitator of retreats around the world. She has over 35 years of experience in the field of personal and spiritual development, so she knows the ins and outs of of all the ways we avoid fun, play and the pursuit of happiness. Her work as a therapist, coach and spiritual guide gives her an exceptionally strong foundation in empowering people to explore who they are beyond shoulds and shouldn’ts, and guilt and shame - that which imprisons our purest and most innocent selves, and doesn’t allow us to experience what is infinitely pleasing.

Dr. Rosie sailed across the Atlantic Ocean, and taught sailing on the San Francisco Bay. Her time on the water deepened her love of nature and the art of connecting with nature. It is one of her deepest desires to enjoy the company of women while boating. What better way is there to embrace the beauty and wonder that surrounds such a sacred vessel.

For more information about Dr. Rosie, her books, blogs, videos and trainings, visit her website: www.theparadigmshifts.com

Heather Stansbury


Heather Stansbury has lived around the world, doing what she loves on and next to the water.  She spent years living on a boat, running  a charter business in the Pacific Northwest. Traveling 25,000 Inland and Near Coastal miles in the San Juan Islands, Gulf Islands, Desolation Sound and throughout western Mexico earned her a 50 Gross Ton Coast Guard Masters License.

She currently lives in Bali, Indonesia where she own's a small hotel on the beach and encourages travelers to get off the beaten path. As your boat captain and excursion coordinator, she looks forward to exploring with you and reflecting  on life at a peaceful 2 knots!


The “I’m Giving Up Personal Development” retreat is an opportunity...

 ...to jump in with both feet into a most ridiculously exquisite moment in Central France. Ten days of boating, walks and excursions, and time to sit together and share what it’s like to embrace the experience of beauty, joy, and so much nature that nourishes the soul.

It takes faith to emancipate yourself from what you think others will say about you when you follow your bliss. It takes faith to let go of the Should’s and Shouldn’t’s of life and just have fun. It takes faith to just even imagine having time with yourself that is infinitely pleasing. 

This retreat is a gift to give yourself not just for 10 days, but a gift that will change the way you live every day of your life. Every day we will meet to share who we are inside this adventure beyond the work of perfecting ourselves - in fact getting out from underneath all of that allows us to practice immersing ourselves in life in all her glory. Fun, play and happiness can be hard work. This retreat supports, empowers, and embraces you as you practice joy like you’ve never done before. 

“Joy is the holy fire that keeps our purpose warm and our intelligence aglow.” —Helen Keller


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fees and logistics

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Flexible payment plans are available. Per person fee: $3600 for triple cabin $3900 double cabin

The retreat begins at 9am on Thursday, June 20th at  Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris France. Registration fees cover a berth in a double stateroom, all transportation, group activities, and meals (excluding one lunch and one dinner). The retreat concludes after breakfast on Saturday June 29th and includes transportation returning to the airport.

Vegetarian options will be offered at meals. For simplicity reasons on board we will not be offering gluten free, vegan or lactose free meals.